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TM 2014 EN 450 4t

EN 450 4t

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EN 450 4t EN 450 4t
EN 450 4tEN 450 4t

CHF 10,650.00 TVA inc.

Description du produit


for 2014 the mighty 450cc engine has once again proven to be a world beater in many disciplines and for latest generation the philosophy is simple, small changes, the 2014 the 450cc engine receives only minor alterations to ignition timing and fuel control via the ECU and a small change to the piston design to enhance burn control and efficiency. The already immensely powerful and torque laden engine required little in the way of performance increases and simple alterations have just improved its responsiveness at lower rpm’s and facilitated easier starting on the conventional kickstart variants, the 2014 model engine continues recieve the engine changes which graced the 2013 model and these included a revised connnecting-rod matched to a new ‘box bridged’ piston with a DLC coated gudgeon pin, revised fuelling and mapping via the ECU working with revised camshaft durations, a new wiring harness, revised gearbox selector forks and selector barrel and a new clutch basket with a friction reducing coating combined with new fibre plates. Other changes include new suspension settings with the new KYB fork fitted as standard, new triple clamp design, and a fresh new look featuring new decals and a new seat cover.

TM Racing ‘Factory’ rear shock absorber, Marzocchi 50mm fork, billet machined aluminium hubs laced to anodised Excel rims, billet machined aluminium triple clamps with oversize taper handlebar, oversize ‘wave’ braking discs, HGS exhaust system, EU compliant to road use laws.

Engine, single cylinder water cooled 4 stroke, double overhead overhead camshafts driving a ‘bucket’ valve operating system, dry sump with double rotor oil pump for recovery and distribution, forged piston, electric starter with conventional kick, downdraught battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection with a 44mm throttle body.

Information Complémentaire

Bore And Stroke

95X63, 4


449, 16

Compression Ratio


Horse Power


Timing System

DOCH 4 valves


Dry sump with double rotor pump


Battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection, 46mmThrottle Body




Kokusan CDI Electronic with variable advance


Multiuple-disk in oil-bath with hydaulic control


5 gears

Cooler System

Coolant liquid with pump


Electric start and kick start


Perimetral aluminium section

Front Fork

Marzocchi USD/Kayaba USD

Rear Shock

TM Racing

Front Tyre


Rear Tyre


Front Brake

Braking wave Disk 270 mm, with Nissin pump and Brembo caliper

Rear Brake

Braking wave Disk 245 mm. With Nissin pump and caliper


Plastic 8, 2 litres


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